Institute of Graduate Education

About Us

Prof. İlhami Çolak
Deputy Director

Information is power in the 21st century. As new and rapid mechanisms for communication are introduced, it is easier than ever to access information. Today, through our personal computers in the comfort of our own homes, we can all access the mythic Library of Alexandria containing all the world’s knowledge, a thing that was once only a dream. Yet even with the opportunities provided by the internet age it is increasingly difficult to make sense of and use the information we have acquired in ways that meet the ever-urgent demands of development and globalization.


We at Istinye University’s Institute of Graduate Education are equipping individuals to meet the requirements and expectations of the modern world, instilling them with knowledge based on the theoretical infrastructure of the sciences and skills derived from the practical realities of life. Our goal is to use our academic research, education and powers of innovation to advance Turkish society and strengthen Turkey’s ability to compete in the international system as an independent leader. Producing new projects in collaboration with private and public sectors and educational and research institutions, we at Istinye University extend all our resources to our young people, the leaders of the future, providing them with a quality educational experience founded on honesty and commitment.

Istinye University offers an education from the best academics in the field. This education is not knowledge-oriented alone, but has a real-life counterpart, preparing our young people for the demands of the global world. We welcome students who are ambitious and continually strive for academic excellence. Join us. Together we will discover, innovate and create, changing the world.

International development as a Graduate Education Institute; an investigative, questioning, critical approach; cares about interdisciplinary work; gained an accountable and transparent management approach; Our duties, which will enable us to be a leading institution with quality scientific studies, have been determined under the following headings:

  • -To provide our graduate students with the ability to think scientifically and to make them a part of the social fabric of the university.
  • -To create an academic climate that will ensure mutual learning and development.
  • -To contribute to the realization of our university's vision and mission statement.
  • -To be a guide by conducting research on issues that directly concern the public and social environment.
  • To contribute to the competitiveness of the business world with our research and training activities.
  • -To support the development of national graduate policies by cooperating closely with YÖK (Higher Education Board), other universities and institutes.
  • - Organizing activities that will contribute to the development of our country with official institutions and non-governmental organizations in our country.

To advance as a guide in the academic world, always in the light of science, in order to share the academic knowledge produced at national and international level by fusing it with the different perspectives of scientists from Turkey and abroad, and to carry the society to a brighter future.

  • -Entrepreneurship
  • -Innovation
  • -Competitiveness
  • -Leadership
  • -Team spirit
  • -Environmental Sensitivity and Respect for Ethical Values
  • -Justice
  • -Passion
  • -Self-confidence
  • -Social responsibility
  • -Belonging and Confidence
  • -Continuous Improvement and Development
  • -Productivity and Purpose Orientation
  • -Flexibility and Modular Understanding

Institute Board of Directors meetings are held every week on Thursdays, and all issues that are requested to be included in the meeting agenda must be conveyed to our Institute via EBYS by the Department Heads 24 hours before the meeting date.