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Mustafa Özkan

Mustafa Özkan,  Prof.


Mustafa Özkan was born in 1957 in Osmaniye. In 1973, he accepted Istanbul University, Faculty of Letters, Department of Turkish Language and Literature and he graduated from the Faculty in June 1977. After graduating from the faculty, he was appointed to Bursa Imam-Hatip High School as a literature teacher in August 1977. While he was teacher, he re-registered to the Faculty as a "doctoral student" in the 1977-1978 academic year. In December 1977, he was appointed to Istanbul Gültepe Technical High School as a "literature teacher". He continued his doctorate studies while continuing to teach literature. In July 1980, he entered Istanbul University Faculty of Letters, Department of Turkish Language and Literature, New Turkish Language Philology Chair as an assistant and started academic life. He married Ülgen Aydan, Pediatrics and Child Health and Diseases Specialist, in October 1983. He completed his doctorate studies in November 1984. He received the title of University Associate Professor in the Department of New Turkish Language on 2.10.1988. Özkan was promoted to professor in February 1995. He retired voluntarily in September 2016. He is fluent in English (good), Arabic (intermediate), Persian (intermediate).

Research Areas: Old Anatolian Turkish, Ottoman Turkish