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İbrahim Emre GÜNDOĞDU

İbrahim Emre Gündoğdu,  Faculty Member, PhD


İbrahim Emre Gündoğdu completed his undergraduate education at Istanbul Technical University Department of Architecture and conducted his post-graduate study titled “Activism in Architecture Education” at the same department. He started working on social architecture with his Scale 1/1 studies during his undergraduate education and has been continuing these works since 2011 within the body of Herkes İçin Mimarlık (Architecture for All) Association. In the association, he plays an active role in rural and urban design and build projects, also in research projects and workshops. Gündoğdu, who has participated in architectural project studios and elective courses in several universities individually and together with the association, is one of the lecturers of 1st year project studio in Istinye University Architecture Department. Gündoğdu continuing his doctorate study on alternative common architecture organizations in the doctoral program of ITU Architectural Design.

Research Areas: Architectural Design

Main Areas: Mimarlık,  Mimari Tasarım,