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Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation (English) Master's (with Thesis)

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Purpose of the Program

The physiotherapist gains the knowledge and skills to plan and apply treatment approaches, many of which have been developed by physiotherapists, by using physiotherapy-specific evaluation methods after being diagnosed with different kinds of injuries, diseases, pain, and functional disorders and has important duties in increasing health and quality of life.

Today, physiotherapists provide services with an increasing number of approaches to increasing the quality of life related to independent movement and health in all situations where movement and function are threatened for various reasons. The current and future needs of societies in the world and our country make the development of physiotherapy inevitable. In parallel with the advances in medical science and the developments in the field of health care, the chances of patients surviving have increased, and the understanding that quality of life is as important as the living, and the evaluation of the definition of being healthy from a wider perspective has increased the need for physiotherapists and has reached its current popular position.

The World Physiotherapy Confederation (WCPT) includes the national Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation professional organization of 106 member countries, including Turkey. In the strategic planning presentation of WCPT, it was emphasized that physiotherapy professionals can work on primary health care, neuromusculoskeletal diagnosis, treatment, and prevention strategies and thus take a more active role in their countries' health systems. Postgraduate education has become necessary to improve the knowledge and skills of physiotherapists with undergraduate education, increase evidence-based research activities in the field of physiotherapy and rehabilitation, take steps towards specialization in the profession, and advance physiotherapy and rehabilitation education in Turkey at an internationally accepted level. In addition, to plan the future of our country's health education policies, the lack of qualified and competent undergraduate Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation education, as well as the lack of a sufficient number of academicians and specialized physiotherapists, has brought the need for postgraduate education programs to the agenda. With our Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Thesis Master's program, which started with its first students in the 2017-2018 academic year, within the scope of the Health Sciences Institute, it represents our profession, our university, and our country at the national and international level has developed lifelong learning and teaching skills and respects human and patient rights. In the light of science, aiming to protect and increase the health of the individual, family, and society, innovative with professional autonomy, able to take part in education, management, and physiotherapy research, To train specialist physiotherapists.

Why ISU Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Master's Program with Thesis?

Our graduate students will be offered the opportunity to practice and gain experience in different sub-fields of physiotherapy, such as neurological rehabilitation, cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, orthopedic rehabilitation, and pediatric rehabilitation, by utilizing all kinds of opportunities, including the 25 years of experience and established system of the Medical Park and Liv Hospital chains within our university. In the first and second semesters, graduate students will write scientific publications with the research they will do within the scope of "Clinical Study" courses in these hospitals. When they complete the course periods, they have the opportunity to carry out their thesis in these hospitals. Five (5) Physiotherapy Practice Laboratories, also within the body of our university, offer practical training to our graduate students. In addition to qualified academicians who will provide good theoretical education, Istinye University also has laboratories equipped with sufficient and state-of-the-art technology for applied education and research. These laboratories;

• Exercise and Neurological Rehabilitation Practice Laboratory

• Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Unit Application Laboratory

• Electrophysical Agents Unit Application Laboratory

• Electrotherapy Unit Application Laboratory

• Orthopedic Rehabilitation Unit Application Laboratory