Institute of Graduate Education

Business Administration (English) Master's (Thesis)

About Us

The main goal of this program is to provide students with essential competencies, such as analyzing the business environment in-depth, determining competitive strategies, and progressing their careers as managers and team members. 

The second goal of this master's program is to train researchers and academicians who can conduct independent research, analyze real-life situations, and contribute to the scientific field by their interests.  

Finally, it is also aimed to increase entrepreneurship to grow the entrepreneurial ecosystem in our country.  

The language of the program is English. Students are expected to write and present a thesis before graduation. Students will receive an MBA degree by completing the necessary courses and successfully submitting a thesis. 

From this point of view, the objectives of the Master of Business Administration Program are: 

- To train competent managers to respond to the changes in both internal management processes and external environmental conditions for the Private-Public sector in a timely and effective manner, 

- To develop the perspective and knowledge of entrepreneurs who want to implement their initiatives and expand their business models, 

- To enable an opportunity for graduate experience for those who want to pursue an academic career.