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According to the World Health Organization (WHO); a midwife is defined as "a person who provides the necessary care and consultancy during pregnancy, birth and after birth, who carries out normal births under her own responsibility, and who provides newborn care and family planning consultancy." The need for midwives is increasing rapidly day by day in order to implement the policies developed by the Ministry of Health to encourage normal birth and popularize breastfeeding.

In addition to competent midwives who provide midwifery care services in the professional field, can respond to the needs of the family and society, have critical thinking skills, can use technology effectively, adopt the philosophy of lifelong learning and base their actions on evidence-based practices, as well as having advanced knowledge in their field, There is a need for expert midwives who can conduct scientific research, have critical thinking skills and seek solutions to professional problems by following current literature.

With our Midwifery (Thesis) Master's program, which has started accepting students as of the 2022-2023 academic year within the Istinye University Institute of Graduate Education, it is aimed for people to gain the ability to evaluate, interpret and produce original scientific knowledge and to be trained as midwife academics. Considering the key role of midwives in solving maternal and child health problems and in increasing the prevalence of normal birth and breastfeeding, postgraduate education is one of the educational programs prioritized by our university. 

Why ISU Midwifery Master's Program with Thesis? 

By utilizing all kinds of opportunities, including the 25 years of experience and established system of the Medical Park and Liv Hospital chains within our university, our graduate students will be offered the opportunity to make clinical observations, plan and carry out scientific research in these hospitals. The classrooms within our university and the technologically well-equipped Midwifery Practice Simulation Laboratory offer our graduate students an instructive and entertaining learning environment. With our strong academic staff, our graduate students will be able to benefit from scientific research projects and have the opportunity to study in a multidisciplinary working environment by collaborating with different units of our university. 


Our Vision: To be a nationally and internationally recognized and preferred program by training expert midwives who stand out with their knowledge, skills, ethical values, openness to innovation, research, change creativity, leadership and holistic understanding-based practices. 

Our Mission: Contributing to the protection, development and maintenance of the health of women, pregnant women, postpartum women, newborns, children and society by using professional knowledge, skills and values, and providing quality midwifery services that contribute to the diagnosis and treatment of the physical, psychological, social and spiritual problems of the individuals we serve, To train expert midwives who provide evidence-based services, can conduct education and research using innovative technologies, embrace ethical values, are prone to teamwork and contribute to the strengthening of the midwifery profession.