Institute of Graduate Education

Architectural Design Master (with Thesis)

About Us

The graduate programme aims to re-question architectural thought as a critical, experimental field. It aims to open a space that questions and diversifies the tools of design thinking. The program also aims to create approaches that seek answers to intellectual, ecological and technological transformations in the world. 


While graduate students develop their own approaches, they will be supported to create research projects. They will be able to benefit from the workshops of Istinye University Faculty of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture, CNC laboratory and 3-d printer facilities.   


The program offers full scholarship opportunities to selected students.   


The graduate programme of “Architectural Design” is located on the new campus of Istinye University, in a new urban area, in the Cendere Valley of Istanbul. 


In the last two decades, architecture has been experiencing important developments and changes. First, the computer has ceased to be an auxiliary technical facility and has become one of the main actors in architectural practice. Second, architectural design is becoming an increasingly prominent field of theoretical study. Architecture thus needs new approaches in its thinking, teaching and making.  


Istinye University’s Graduate Programme in Architectural Design aspires for a content that takes into account these radical changes across the globe. The teaching approach has been shaped by the assumption that design cannot be divorced from theory, practice from intellectual inquiry and materiality from mentality. In this framework, the aim is to provide students with intellectual and design tools to develop critical approaches to living habitats, including the city, the architecture, the landscape and ecology.