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Cyber Security (Master's Degree) (With Thesis) (English)

About Us

The language of instruction for the Cyber Security Master's Program with Thesis, which will start accepting students in the Fall semester of the 2023-2024 academic year, is English.

Our focus is to provide education in accordance with international standards by offering as many theoretical and practical courses as possible in the field of Cyber Security. With this program, it is aimed to provide students with competence in the fields of cryptography, cryptanalysis, network and information security, malware analysis, penetration tests, data privacy and cyber security law.

At the end of the training, the student who meets the conditions specified in the Istinye University Graduate Education and Training Regulation, and successfully completes the credit courses and master's thesis is awarded a Cyber Security master's degree diploma.

Program Purpose

While rapid developments in information and communication technologies facilitate access to information and make our daily lives more comfortable, they also bring security vulnerabilities. Especially, these technologies, which have become strategic tools for critical infrastructure sectors such as finance, telecommunications, energy, water management and transportation, must serve in secure cyber environments against all kinds of external threats and attacks. Cyber risks and threats, which have increased both in quality and quantity simultaneously with technological developments, have reached dimensions that must be taken into account in terms of public security and stability of states both in our country and in the world. In this context, ensuring national cyber security has become one of the priority issues for our country.

One of the strategic objectives determined within the framework of the vision of the 2020-2023 Cyber Security Strategy and Action Plan, which aims to further the gains achieved following the National Cyber Security Strategy and Action Plans covering the years 2013-2014 and 2016-2019, is to strengthen human resources. Within the scope of this aim, it is aimed to disseminate programs in cyber security and related fields at universities and to increase the expertise level of personnel working in the fight against cyber crimes. In line with this goal, the aim of the Cyber Security Master's program, which is proposed to

be opened within the Istinye University Graduate Education Institute, is to train the security experts needed by increasing the knowledge of graduates working in the field of information systems and security on information security, ensuring that they gain academic research discipline, and providing them with the competence sought by the public and private sector in this field.