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Histology and Embryology Ph.D.

About Us

Istinye University Histology and Embryology Ph.D. program is opened beneath Istinye University Graduate Education Institute on 17.05.2022, in partnership with the Faculty of Medicine, Department of Histology and Embryology and Medical Pathology. 

The discipline of Histology and Embryology is a branch of science that investigates organs, tissues and their cellular contents, as well as stages and developmental anomalies of how an embryo develops from a fertilized egg. The physiological functioning of the complex body functions of a healthy individual only gains meaning when integrated at the tissue and cell level. For this reason, Histology and Embryology are included in undergraduate programs with health sciences disciplines and deepen research in this field with postgraduate education. 

There are still many undiscovered features in the cell, tissue and embryogenesis process; Many collective projects in interaction with the branches of Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Dentistry, Biology, Pharmacy, Molecular Biology and Genetics, and even Bioengineering contributes to the journey of scientific discovery. 

Doctoral education contributes to the Department of Histology and Embryology by increasing original, high value-added, multidisciplinary planned studies primarily at the cell and tissue level and developmental processes. These studies also diversify new research methods and techniques. In addition to this justification, the doctoral program enables students to learn theoretically and practically the classical knowledge and developments in Histology and Embryology and the stages of preparation of histological sections. Students will gain the ability to create an original research project on histology and embryology, conduct experiments and tissue preparation, and turn it into an article. 

We aim to raise students as individuals who follow scientific and technological developments in the field of Histology and Embryology, adopt ethical values, integrate their knowledge with basic and applied studies, and increase their problem-solving ability with the knowledge and skills they acquire. In addition, our aim is to provide education to become academics who think critically, adopt evidence-based practices, plan and carry out research projects, and interpret the results of their studies. Our students will be qualified as Doctor of Science, histologists and embryologists who can express their opinions effectively in academic and professional environments. 

Our goal is to obtain the title of Doctor of Science in the field and to train qualified scientists who will represent our country on national and international platforms with their research and applications on tissue/cell science and developmental biology. Aforementioned students can work as academicians in medical faculties in the field of health sciences, as clinical embryologists both within the university and in private clinics, or they can also be employed in the private sector as basic research and academic doctors in the clinical research industry after graduation.