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Management Information Systems (English) Master's Degree (With Thesis)

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The language of instruction of the Management Information Systems Master's Program in English with Thesis, which will start accepting students in the Fall semester of the 2022-2023 academic year, is English.

Management information systems is an interdisciplinary department that deals with business management, digital transformation, data science, computer technologies, and software together and aims to create an effective management and execution process for organizations. Especially in the recent period, the rapid move in technology, the increasing dominance of artificial intelligence, destructive innovative phenomena/cases such as COVID-19 which push institutions and organizations into the world of information in a very short time, and forced digitalization. In the world that we live today, management and informatics can not be considered independently or proceed without each other. This situation makes it necessary to look at the events by combining management and informatics in a way higher than the undergraduate level. Businesses, institutions, and individuals; In our age, we should acquire the basic philosophy of informatics not by hearsay, but by seeing the big picture with its advantages and disadvantages, by understanding the effects of data, artificial intelligence, and digital transformation in management. While learning those effects; It is extremely critical that individuals discover how their business functions are digitized, e-business, e-commerce, e-government understandings, and new opportunities rising with these understandings.

With Management Information Systems, new understandings and methods in business management are emerging, and depending on these developments, new opportunities and competitive advantages can be obtained. However, these changes and developments shed light on new business problems. Because, on the one hand, there are companies that produce information technologies and software, and on the other hand, there are companies that need these technologies. It is often seen that these two different fields have difficulties in understanding each other's possibilities, capabilities, and needs and that an effective and efficient harmony cannot be achieved.

It is of vital importance that especially the managers working in business life adapt to this new era and developments. Organizations develop training programs and request the support of universities in order to make up for their deficiencies in the subject. At this point, our management information systems graduate department will play an important role in the creation of human resources that will meet the needs of the age, in which almost every subject is digitized.

At the end of the education, the student who fulfills the conditions specified in the Graduate Education and Training Regulations of Istinye University and successfully completes the courses and thesis process is awarded a Master's Degree in English (with Thesis) in Management Information Systems.