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Nutrition and Dietetics Master's (Thesis)

About Us

Istinye University Nutrition and Dietetics Master's Program with Thesis aims to update nutrition knowledge within the scope of nutritional sciences, dietetics, mass nutrition systems and community nutrition and to ensure that it can be used in many areas, especially in improving health and ensuring adequate, balanced and sustainable nutrition. 

In order to improve the knowledge and skills of dietitians with undergraduate education, to increase evidence-based research activities in the field of Nutrition and Dietetics, to take steps towards specialization in the profession, and to advance Nutrition and Dietetics education in Turkey at an internationally recognized level; To follow scientific and technological developments in the field of Nutrition and Dietetics, to adopt ethical values, to integrate their knowledge with clinical and scientific studies, to conduct clinical reasoning, to solve problems by applying the knowledge and skills acquired to complex and special situations, to critically evaluate and evaluate information, to adopt evidence-based practices, to work harmoniously in groups, to have knowledge about current research and scientific study methods, It is aimed to train qualified specialist dietitians who can plan research, take part in projects and interpret the results of their studies, express their views effectively in academic and professional circles and ensure effective communication, produce solutions for new situations that may arise and adapt to the changing and increasing developments in the field of nutrition in society, continue lifelong learning and identify learning needs.