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PhD in Nutrition and Dietetics

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Adequate and balanced nutrition, which has an important place in the fight against non-communicable diseases and infectious diseases, which are among the most important causes of death in our country and in the world, is the most important vital requirement in the protection and development of health in all stages of life from preconception (pre-pregnancy period) to old age. Dietitians are graduates of nutrition and dietetics programs of higher education institutions and have professional competence in their field. In the last 50 years, the importance of dietitians in the field of health has increased; dietitians are involved in planning the nutritional needs of individuals who make up the society for growth-development, maintenance of life, complete physical and mental well-being, as well as in the creation of nutrition plans for individuals with infectious or non-communicable diseases. 

Dietitians have assumed roles in many other fields besides health services. They also work in improving the quality of life of the society, creating and evaluating nutrition programs, implementing nutrition policies and developing recommendations. In order to achieve all these goals, there is an urgent need for researchers and academicians who are trained in their field and equipped with graduate level knowledge and skills. Istinye University Nutrition and Dietetics Doctorate Program aims to train academicians and researchers who will provide the best service at international standards and quality in accordance with the vision of our university, who will provide services in hospitals and all areas related to nutrition, and to support the academic staff power needed in undergraduate programs.