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PhD in Physics (English)

About Us

The Physics PhD program is admitting graduate students as of 2022-2023 academic year; the program is in English.

The program offers a great opportunity for students to gain knowledge and skillsets via its experienced and high profile academic staff, its laboratory infrastructure being equipped for research in high energy physics, particle physics, particle accelerators and particle detectors as well as its various ongoing research projects and international experimental collaborations. İSÜ is participant of three experimental programs at CERN, one experiment at IHEP (of Chinese Academy of Sciences) and one experimental program under preparation at BNL (USA). In the framework of these activities, the İSÜ Physics PhD program offers local R&D infrastructure and a wide spectrum of international research network in the field of high energy and particle physics which is quite rare in Türkiye.

An overall laboratory space of ~330 m2 is available to graduate students for computational studies, experimental studies and other research needs in the context of their graduate courses and thesis studies.

Those who successfully finish all course work and complete their thesis work in line with the curriculum and related regulations receive PhD Diploma in Physics.