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Turkish Language and Literature Master's Degree (With Thesis)

About Us

Istinye University Turkish Language and Literature Master's Program with Thesis is mainly for graduates of the Department of Turkish Language and Literature, but it also welcomes students graduating from other disciplines. 

One of the most important features of the program is that it has a distinguished academic staff specialized in Turkish, one of the oldest languages of the world, and literary works written in Turkish. 

The compulsory and elective courses in the program cover historical Turkish dialects and literatures, as well as contemporary Turkish dialects and literatures. Additionally, the program encompasses topics such as the history of Turkish modernization, literature and ideology, press and literature, providing an interdisciplinary course content. 

The course content of the program includes courses from fields such as Old Turkish Language, Old Turkish Literature, New Turkish Language, New Turkish Literature and Linguistics. The curriculum is designed to cover a broad spectrum from the Old Turkish language period to contemporary Turkish dialects and literatures. In this regard, the curriculum is designed to train scientific experts who will be able to understand the old texts better, conduct literary and grammatical analysis and research on these texts, comprehend and study the rich material of Turkish language and Turkish literature that spread across a wide geography, and contribute to the field by transferring this equipment to scientific studies. 

The goal of the program is to equip students interested in specializing in Turkish Language and Literature with the ability to conduct independent research in the field, analyze scientific phenomena with a profound perspective, and determine the necessary steps to reach new syntheses. The goal is to provide graduates who will be successful not only in Turkey but also globally in the fields of Turkish language, Old Turkish Literature, and Modern Turkish Literature. Additionally, another aim is to cultivate experts who will elevate scientific studies in the field of Turkish Language and Literature, contributing to the advancement of scholarly work. In line with these objectives, the program seeks to foster interdisciplinary collaboration, enhance communication with Turkish Language and Literature departments and professionals at the national or international level, and thereby promote an increase in high-quality research. 

Competencies to be Acquired upon Completion of the Program: 

Ability to generate, evaluate, interpret, and apply scientific knowledge in the field of Turkish Language and Literature. 

Specialization in recognizing the historical and contemporary dialects of Turkish in detail, according to the period and geography. 

Recognition and specialization in the alphabets used in writing Turkish throughout history, such as Göktürk, Old Uyghur, Manichaean, Arabic, and Cyrillic scripts. 

Detailed comprehension of the relationship between literary texts and social life. 

Knowledge of scientific studies such as theses, articles, books, and presentations prepared on the subject of study, and the ability to thoroughly examine these works. 

Detailed understanding of the relationship between literary texts and the press. 

Ability to identify areas where research in the field is insufficient and competence in conducting scientific studies in these areas.