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Molecular Biology and Genetics (English) Master's (Thesis)

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MSc. Program of the Molecular Biology and Genetics (English, with Thesis) will start to accept students in the Fall semester of the 2022-2023 academic year, and the program will be teaching in English.

The program is suitable for those who have completed undergraduate education in life sciences departments (including Biochemistry, Biology, Biomedical, Bioengineering, Biotechnology, Genetics, Food Engineering, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Materials Engineering, Molecular Biology, Nanomedicine/Nanotechnology Medical Biology, Medicine, Veterinary etc.) and who wish to specialize in molecular biology and genetics. At the end of the education, the student who fulfills the conditions specified in the Graduate Education and Training Regulations of Istinye University and successfully completes the courses and the thesis process is awarded a Molecular Biology and Genetics MSc graduate diploma.

Molecular Biology and Genetics is one of the largest and respected disciplines that is constantly open to development. Intense competition in the field of genetics occurs not only in national markets, but also in international markets. Hence, it is an important advantage to have a command of advanced technology and genetic applications in production processes. Accordingly, among the fields of application of Molecular Biology and Genetics, which is being used intensively in medicine, industry and agriculture in recent years, the industrial production of various hormones, antibodies, antibiotics, the industrial use of biomolecules obtained from living organisms that can survive in extreme conditions, the production of plants and animals with superior properties, vaccine, pesticide, organ and tissue production, suppression of disease-causing genes can be counted. All these technological developments make it possible to treat various diseases (such as genetic-based diseases or those originating from the immune system deficiencies) and disorders (such as those seen in the developmental stage) that cannot be treated with traditional methods.

Industrial enterprises intensely need human resources who can use advanced technologies in both national and international markets, approach problems scientifically, and carry out the production processes thanks to their analytical thinking skills. The founding purpose of the Molecular Biology and Genetics Master's Program, belonging to the Institute of Science and Technology, is to carry out scientific research within the framework of Biological Sciences and other related basic sciences and to train highly qualified specialists who have the infrastructure to develop applications beneficial to the economy in line with today's economic needs. In this way, researches can be carried out in different fields of Molecular Biology and Genetics, such as revealing disease mechanisms using model organisms, plant development, cell structure, effects of biologically active molecules, new generation drug design and epigenetics.